Difference Between Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Difference Between Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Choosing the best washing machine to use depending on your unique circumstances can sometimes be tricky. With so many brands in the market, you may be wondering which one would be better between a semi automatic and a fully automatic washing machine.

There are a number of factors that differentiate semi automatic and a fully automatic washing machines. These are:-

The Cleaning Process

Design Aspect

Type of Washing Machines in the Market

Water Consumption


Cost of Purchase

Getting the most out of the machine you purchase means you have to consider many issues such as the machine’s consumption of resources like electricity and water. Beyond thinking about the price, the brand and the design, you will you also have to consider the main features you will get depending on model you will buy.

In this blog post, as the title suggests, we will be differentiate between a semi-automatic from a fully automatic machine so that you can make an informed decision. Lets start…

The Cleaning Process

Washing machines are supposed to make the laundry process easier than hand washing. It should take less time and human effort. A fully automatic machine does that because you load it and then press a button.

The cleaning process takes place with the least human effort. However, a semi-automatic machine requires some manual input when doing laundry because it has several tasks before the laundry is done.

To use a semi-automatic machine, you need to:

Add water into the tub. Fill the tub to an appropriate level that will soak your load. As you add water, you need to know the amount of detergent you can add to that amount.

Put your laundry in. Do not overload it to get the best cleaning results and for your machine to serve you longer.

Drain the water once the laundry is done.

Move the laundry from the washing tub to the drying tub.

Hence, my take is that a semi-automatic machine is not ideal for senior citizens or anyone who has no energy for such menial tasks. It also takes a lot of time to load and move the laundry.

If you have several rounds of laundry to do, a semi-automatic will require more hours at this task than it would take when everything is automatic. A fully automatic machine is more efficient because it is faster.

You only need to check once the washing is done because there are no manual tasks in between.

Design Aspect

A fully automatic machine consists of one tub where you add your load and take it out. It does not require a distinction so that anyone doing laundry doesn’t confuse what tub does the washing and which one does the drying. With everything happening in one tub, maintenance is also easier.

On the other hand, a semi-automatic machine has two tubs. One tub cleans your laundry, and the other one dries it. Each tub is designed to support a specific task. The semi-automatic takes less time to clean one cycle.

But on the other hand it spends more time overall between cleaning and moving the load into the dryer. Compare this to a fully automatic machine that takes a shorter duration to wash and dry but with longer cycle durations.

Water Consumption

I read somewhere that laundry uses the most amount of water anywhere in the world. I’m sure many home owner are looking for a way to spend less water because this also reduces the expenditure of the household.

For a semi-automatic machine, you have to fill the water manually. This gives you control over how much water you spend in each load. This machine is also ideal for regions with water shortage. When you have control over the amount of water in each load, you also have control over the number of washes to have each day or week.

In addition, a semi-automatic uses less water than an automatic machine. Automatic machines spend more water when you get a top loader. The water has to rise to a good level where the clothes are submerged and they can spin freely. If you don’t do that, you get unpleasant cleaning results.

Water is also essential because it activates the detergent. If you have less water than the amount needed, your clothes will come out smelling of detergent. Therefore, you cannot compromise the results of a fully automatic machine because you want to save water.

So if your major concern is saving on water, I would suggest a semi-automatic washing machine


Semi-automatic machines are bulky. The presence of double tubs makes it larger than an average fully automatic machine. Hence, they take up a lot of space. If you don’t have a large laundry area, you might end up having just space to stand and load your machine.

Fully automatic machines give you an option of a top loader if you have space constraints. It takes less space, and it loads from the top like a semi-automatic. For a front loader, you can place it over a dryer to save space.

With semi-automatic machines, they are all loaded from the top. There is no option to load from the front like in the fully automatic machines. Hence, you won’t enjoy benefits like less water consumption due to the force of gravity.

However, a top loader can also count as an advantage if you don’t like bending when doing laundry. Furthermore, a top loader has better control of mildew and mold because the moisture is not trapped inside like in a front loader.

Cost of Purchase

A semi -automatic machine is cheaper than a fully automatic machine. If you are not concerned about the manual input needed to do laundry every day, you will make a great saving when you buy a semi-automatic.

This saving also goes to the amount you will spend monthly to run and manage the machine. Since the semi-automatic consumes less water, your water bill will not be as high as if you were using a fully automatic top loader.

In conclusion, the difference between these two machines goes the design because there are savings on water and space depending with the machine you choose. If you need to save space, go for a fully automatic. If you want to save on water, choose a semi -automatic. If you are only worried about the purchase price, choose a semi-automatic.

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