I understand they wouldn't be playable like the original AC

I understand they wouldn't be playable like the original AC

I frankly got tired with New Leaf much faster. I miss the Nintendo themed furniture though. I understand they wouldn't be playable like the original AC but I wish to Animal Crossing Bells place a SNES in my home!

I mean, even just taking a look at the state of these stores atm NL had all the buildings on main street with like a type of"questline" for them set up and expanded NH has one upgrade for the nookling shop, the ables, the memorial (+"upgrade" (which was just becoming it on-par again using what the museum had formerly )) and that is it.

Did the elderly games not possess terraforming? Perhaps that is why Nintendo could not add all the excess things to NH. If the previous games did not have it then yeah, it's like they're making a completely different game. Nintendo gave us the capability to create our island. Mario manufacturer but ac version. Our small island is uniquely ours and that's a lot of work for Nintendo to get achieved. I guess that is the reason why we are getting upgrades within the new 2-3 years? I wish it was upgrades until NH gets into the NL level of articles.

Yeah I'm thinking it's something about the outside being malleable and allowing decorations. This is the first game that let you do so. In the older games, you can only put furniture into your home (one had any rooms you can rent at the memorial.) I feel like I've got more room and can do more things with it, I suppose?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not stating ACNH is ideal either. I was specifically referring to the way people occasionally put the old games up on a pedestal when criticizing something about ACNH. Each of the games have had their flaws, that is all I am saying.

Although, if we're being honest, I do not think that the previous games have had THAT much more content than ACNH. The events are indeed somewhat worse in ACNH, but outside of those I personally have found ACNH to have MORE content lol. To me, it only seems like ACNH has less content since it's like 10x easier to earn money (and possibly because we're all playing more because of this pandemic, but that's on an cheap Animal Crossing Items individual basis, difficult to say if it's like this for everybody).

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