My query is what has changed in these two decades

My query is what has changed in these two decades

So I want a RS gold dscimmy but havent done fighter insanity or the quests needed to start it... So I could perform tree gnome village and the expansive tree but don't know if I will be able to triumph against the supervisors? So would you please tell me if I can or what exactly the recommened levels are but mainly what method or plan I must use for three quests! My gear (but dont want to risk it if I am likely to die, as I lost dboots, karils coif and 50+ charms yesterday, but sold dhatchet to receive my boots back)

Hey I shot about a 2 year break from runescape and today I have chosen to return. My query is what has changed in these two decades. Has there been any enormous updates or some other fresh armor or weapons or anything. I would also appreciate any information you would have to give me ive been from this game for a while. Herblore and prayer needed enormous updates. . .herblore with extreme potions, special attack restore potions, super antifire (no defense needed) and an overload that unites all the intense boosts.

Prayer has extreme boosts too, still largely in favour of melee, and 2 biggies-turmoil (uber-piety) and soul split, which helps heal you from damage. These updates have obviously made prayer and herblore extremely pricey. Dugneoneering includes an entire manner of amazing rewards, such as Chaotic weapons which are supposedly the best of their best. The Dragon Defender is being published shortly. Void sets possess a fourth potential peice: the deflector.

I have not played Runescape in awhile (I would say at least 6 months, but I get on to do dailies in F2p occasionally...), but I keep up with the updates. When Dungeoneering came out, I was like "Cool!" Tried it, but never really got to it. The reason why I stopped playing is because I do not have access to play (I'm using my Wii right now.)

LRC is extremely rewarding, so I have heard. People today come away with about 4-5k every task, which can be very good in cheap OSRS gold the long run. In addition you have a shot at the Patriarchs, which automatically fall about 200k. They also offer good experience, I believe. Do not be concerned about the minerals. It adds time and, in my estimation, isn't worth the missing experience. Ugh. Hellhounds. I'd block those. Just great for clue scrolls and charms. Gold charms, which is... They are cannonable, however. . I would not block bloodvelds. They're great experience and very fast. No drops, however. Should you require a guide to any monster, check out this lovely one produced by Azarath.

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