There's nothing wrong with the price of deaths in RS3

There's nothing wrong with the price of deaths in RS3

Call me whatever BS and dismissive name you want but believe it or not, a little bit of struggle is very good for you, it's great for your brain, it is good for your joy, and it's good for society. If you have nothing to point to that can be deemed a valid achievement that you wind up miserable. Yeah that is a stretch to treat life update suggestions and say depression is RS gold caused by it, but alot of these quality of life ideas stem from folks who think trivial activities are too fuckin. I have seen the bar of"this is too difficult" get lowered lower and lower the past few years with this echo chamber site and It is sad to see.

It is even worse that people are entitled that RuneScape needs to be shifted to fit their opinion of how it needs to be made. I fully expect this post to be downvoted to hell since I am directly opposing 90% of the reddit community, however if you are a strong willed individual who respects that the developers time then speak up since it seems we're few and far between on this echo chamber site.

You do realize that the whole reason why they let some stuff is dictated by the neighborhood is because dictating things themselves already tried and they were dreadful and killed their game. Their game would not be effective and as popular since they aren't competent enough, if they didn't do so, so while it was smart of them to go this route, they ought to be thanking the neighborhood. Like polling makes them resistant to any criticisms that are valid it's not, and it isn't wrong to call them out on things that are essential to call out thus go lick Jagexs butthole elsewhere Karen.

Some suggestions are warranted. However, these quality of life upgrades are what I'm focusing on. The majority of them are the pettiest complaints I've ever seen. I read them and I think wow, what a person just looking for some excuse to complain. It is things I've never had a problem with but then thinks it needs to be altered and somehow somebody gets mad about this little thing that is trivial. The worlds going dude that is soft. My outlook is bleak on this generation if such quality are with. Gonna when they develop to run the world, be frightening.Ironmen mostly don't have much to invest gold on so death is a great thing to get is, provides lots of worth to GP which may otherwise be useless. It is good to have such a use for this. One thing is you really don't have to bring that change this change, and another switch. You don't. If you are dying so much that it's causing you trouble, you can enhance at the boss then bring that stuff instead of trying to bring a ton of things and bleeding money like mad. A or so is that much costlier than A normal gear setup. Bosses at RuneScape are for the most part quite feeble no less -. This just shouldn't be a major issue.

There's nothing wrong with the price of deaths in RS3. Anybody who encounters 10m+ death costs should be capable enough at telos to produce that make in 5-10 minutes worth of time. (idk solak/aod gp/hr( just performed on my iron). 2-3M passing costs may be made back from 5 minutes of this great majority of level supervisors. I've an ironman passing costs are not an issue there. You've got a massive abundance of GP and oynx's. Bankrupt fucks remain mad, keep yelling about tramps. I concur, but you are grossly overstating the ordinary death price. I use t90 gear with such and switches and my passing cost is cheap RuneScape gold around 2mil and I have never seen anybody state their passing cost was over 5mil before (that I know its potential and individuals do have it, but its uncommon enough as someone that pvms with other people for hours each day, I've never noticed it), so the average certainly isnt 6mil.

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