The Ahn’Qiraj War Effort In World of Warcraft Classic Begins

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World of Warcraft Classic has kicked off the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort. As part of the event, players from all over the world have to pitch in with resources and quests to help the war effort against the Qiraji empire.

Players will also have access to a quest series titled “Scepter of the Sands” which will allow you to ring the gong on the realm they are in. The first player on each realm who completes that quest and rings the gong will become the “Scarab Lord” and receive a Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal, which summons a rideable Qiraji tank that you can use in the outer world as well as in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraji.

Other players that ring the gong during the 10 hours of the first bell will also receive the Black Qiraji Crystal, though completing the quest after the first 10 hours will provide different rewards. The gong, as with most gongs, marks the arrival of something spectacular, but in this case, it marks the beginning of the 10 hour war and the arrival of Anubisath and the Qiraji warriors, in the Barrens and Thousand Needles (for lower-level players) and Silithus, Tanaris, and Feralas (for higher-level players). Buy cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold via reputable seller, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

After the first player has hit the gong on the realm, other players have ten hours to also hit the gong to get their own Qiraji battle tank mounts. The event will conclude once the War Effort has been completed, culminating in the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, which opens up the next raid tier for World of Warcraft Classic with access to two raids: the 20-player Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, and the 40-player Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.

While things have certainly changed from the old days as players have meticulously min-maxxed every aspect of the game and have adapted to much more difficult raid mechanics as the norm, the race to take on C'Thun is going to be a good one yet again. With today's MMORPG environment including elements we didn't really have way back when - like extremely high profile influencers and streamers with giant Discords and communities - the effort should be a lot more coordinated and controlled this time around, and will probably go quite smoothly.