I hope so but I dont think 2ks game will be like madden

I hope so but I dont think 2ks game will be like madden

I hope so but I dont think 2ks game will be like madden. They have to make a arcade style game, more like nba jam or older school NFL blitz. EA has exclusive rights to"simulation"style soccer matches so while I expect you're correct I think the Mut 21 coins games will be to similar. Heres to hoping tho. It is all good. Overdrive is just about as arcade as it is possible to get so that it's not like EA completely cares about simulation mobile football. I've got the identical question. Leagues are the only reason I'm still playing. I know that it's a new app, but it is not like they are creating a completely different game.

Sounds like there'll be leagues (seemingly replied on Discord). I had been concerned because when I first read through all of the questions, you will find questions about championships. All of them were unanswered. Virtually every other question had a response. I mean technically if it is a brand new program it's a new game. Will we get paid in a new currency for any mc we have at the close of the season. I have a good bit of mc now and not much staying to spend it on. I will take that since it I really don't see the work POWER anywhere. Well, this makes sense seeing as MM21 is it's own game. Honest question not whining, but what's the reason we will need to link our EA account if there is likely to be nothing transfer?

So we'll be getting some sort of repayment for the money we spent on madden money that is going to be lost? Being forced to spend the money on matters that don't particularly interest me in the moment because the only other option is to shed it doesn't sit well with me and I am sure the same can be said for many others. I can say for sure that if some type of compensation going into next year isn't at the works, I refuse to spend money on this game moving forward. This isn't a fantastic choice and the excuse that"it isn't possible with the newest program" seems like a cop out, especially since EA has a fairly good record of doing shitty things. Have you ever played any console sports games? This is pretty standard the situations you pay real cash for don't carry over from year to year.

And I may also return and play these games and use the money which I spent on that match. This is a completely new program, with no ability to go back and play this season and spend the money I spent money on. Do you whine when they cease updating and providing you with new items to buy in the old games? So, while you can spend your money still, why were not you spending on the same items as it had been the current edition? Madden Cash has always transferred from year to year. If that wasn't likely to happen this year, over 6 months notice could have been nice. Folks have been stockpiling their own MC as there has been no fantastic reason since Ultimate Freeze to use the MC. Its like using a Gift Card at a buy mut coins madden 21 shop that's going out of business only so that it does not go to waste.

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