Use Of China 200w Led Flood Light Factory Street Light Pole

China 400W Led Flood Light Factory street lamp poles are mostly long-term, the use of correct and high-quality workmanship will benefit lifetime, once and for all.

      China 200W Led Flood Light Factory street light pole will hardly rust after cold/hot galvanizing treatment (except when there is trachoma when the pole is welded), then the only factor that affects the appearance of the street light is the exterior paint, street light pole After galvanizing, the last anti-corrosion coating process will be carried out-spraying. The plastic powder used in spraying is outdoor plastic powder. Outdoor plastic powder has the characteristics of high hardness and strong adhesion. The light pole has been further improved in appearance and anti-corrosion effect, but after actual use, it has been found that the service life of plastic powder can not reach 10 years, let alone 15-20 years. Take a good outdoor high-gloss plastic powder In general, the surface of the lamp post after spraying is bright and smooth, but after three years of outdoor use, the gloss of the lamp post surface will gradually dim and then it will start to change color and remove paint. This is good plastic powder. The plastic powder of poor quality will completely change in less than a year. The biggest disadvantage of outdoor plastic powder is its extremely poor aging resistance.
   There is a way to extend the life of street lamp surface paint, so that it can maintain the original color for a long time, without changing color and not powdering. If galvanizing is for rust prevention, then spraying is for beauty, rust prevention is done, and beauty is achieved, then adding a layer of protective film is perfect. Outdoor powder has poor weather resistance. If it can be encapsulated with an outer paint with super weather resistance, it can maintain its natural color for a long time. However, this outer paint is not difficult to find, it is "fluorocarbon paint" , Fluorocarbon paint has excellent anti-corrosion performance, maintenance-free, strong adhesion, long weather resistance, etc., coating fluorocarbon paint on the outer layer of the plastic powder of the lamp post can play a very good protection, making it It is not a problem to maintain the gloss of the exterior paint for more than ten years.
  China 400W Led Flood Light Factory street lamp poles are mostly long-term, the use of correct and high-quality workmanship will benefit lifetime, once and for all.