The Cause Of The Drill Bit Damage Of The Drilling Tools Manufacturer

follow the kaiqiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer for a detailed understanding of this.

    If the roller cone bit is damaged during the initial installation or the design is not in place, under what circumstances will it be damaged? Next, follow the kaiqiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer for a detailed understanding of this.
    1. Pay attention to its design. When designing, if you only pay attention to the whole of the roller cone bit, without taking into account the local temperature, and finally let the roller cone bit squeeze out because of the excessive temperature. It is most vulnerable to damage.
    2. Continuous bridge deck, often at this time, we must pay attention to the pavement layer in time, not simply install, it is best to open the bridge deck at this time, because only in this way can the entire cone The drill bit is integrated with the bridge deck. If these are not achieved, it is simply installed on the top. Its service life will not be too long, so for continuous bridge decks, care must be taken to cut the bridge deck first.
    3. More damaged roller cone bits are often displayed on the vertical installation, because at this time, the entire roller cone bit will expand and contract with the temperature, so the roller cone bit and the roller cone bit are finally separated, so in the When designing such a roller cone bit, we must consider the multi-point design, and truly integrate the roller cone bit with the entire roller cone bit. In the case of a large slope, the design and During the installation, the tilt test must also be taken into account.

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