How to use household electronic scales?

How to use household electronic scales. The first picture here is the back of the rechargeable electronic scale.


How to use household electronic scales. The first picture here is the back of the rechargeable electronic scale. It can be seen that there is no battery on the back. As long as a dot button is a switch, it is basically similar to the battery electronic scale. We turn on the switch, and then the method of weighing is the same as the battery household electronic scale.

With the progress of life, people's demands on all aspects are increasing day by day, especially in this beauty-loving society, everyone hopes to have a good figure, especially in this upcoming summer, everyone wants to get out of the street Play and indulge yourself.

However, such a premise is that you have to control your weight. As the saying goes, fat people eat and can’t control their mouths, so at this time you need a convenient and accurate electronic scale to monitor yourself and eat every day. Both weight and weight are clearly shown on the top.

The electronics on the market today are full of brands. The sight is dazzling, and the price and quality are also different. When we choose, we always feel that it is difficult to start. Don't worry, the editor today came here specifically to solve this problem.

When the sensors are used in parallel, it is allowed and often combined with a set of power supply for the bridge, but this makes it difficult to adjust the bridge voltage separately according to the different impedance and sensitivity coefficient of the sensor. Therefore, in the past, many domestic and foreign literatures believed that the use of multiple sensors in parallel requires that their manufacturing parameters be small in dispersion, especially the requirements on output impedance are very strict. The current domestic sensor is also the same, so the domestic parallel use is not very common. However, some performances of the sensor when used in parallel are better than those used in series, for example, it has high comprehensive accuracy, low output impedance, strong anti-interference ability, etc.

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