Introduction Of China 400w Led Flood Light Factory

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LED floodlights (LEDDownlight) and LED floodlights, spotlights, spotlights, spotlights, etc. are mainly used for architectural decorative lighting and commercial space lighting. The decorative elements are heavier and their appearance is There are also round and square, because the different reasons for heat dissipation and application environment must be considered, so other shapes of floodlights only have some differences in shape, in fact, the principle is the same. If you want to know how to deal with broken LED floodlights, you must first understand the most basic structure of the floodlights (as shown below), and then make a specific analysis of xiangruilight China 400W Led Flood Light Factory.

As mentioned above, because of the different reasons for heat dissipation and application environment, other shapes of floodlights have only some differences in appearance, but the principles are the same. LED flood lights are mainly LED light source (also known as LED lamp beads), LED power supply (also known as LED driver), housing, waterproof gasket and waterproof glue. The LED light source has excellent driving quality and good waterproof performance. The shell is thick enough to meet the heat dissipation of the light source and power supply. The floodlight will basically have no problem. So, what if the LED flood light is broken, there is no light, a flash, sometimes bright, slightly bright? I will tell you how to repair and replace it today. LED flood light is broken, mainly the light source and driver, the most important thing is that the light source and power supply are not good enough to cause problems. Check with a tool to know that it is broken. The reasons why the LED floodlight does not light are:

  1. The power supply is broken, and it is not powered: the lighting is basically a power supply. The power supply provides a constant current working voltage for the light source. Often many floodlights are damaged by the power supply. The power supply has problems in the process of converting AC power into DC power, which may cause the LED floodlight to not light up and flash directly. This kind of general can not be repaired, only the power supply is replaced; The other reason is that the power supply is good and appears as The floodlight can be bright for a while and then start to flash. This is mainly because the heat of the lamp beads cannot be emitted, resulting in continuous flashing. The fundamental problem is that the shell does not dissipate the lamp beads of the light source. First, check whether the shell reaches 50g/w In addition, check whether the connection between the light source and the housing is good, and whether the thermal paste is applied evenly. If the power supply is broken, try another power supply to see if the light is still off. If it does not light, then the problem is not necessarily the power supply. Another reason is that the temperature difference between winter and summer in some areas is large, resulting in the power supply operating temperature being too high or too low to operate stably. Objectively speaking, this power supply is unqualified. If the power supply is broken, replace it with a better one. If a power supply cannot be used for two or three years, the quality will not work.
  2. The light source is broken and does not turn on the light: the general floodlight uses integrated lamp beads. Look at Zhonghongxi Lighting's strict production process and whether there is a black spot at the position of the lamp bead sealant. This black spot is It is caused by two reasons. The first time it is used for a long time, the temperature of the lamp bead is formed by the high temperature of the glue and the phosphor. Another reason is that the current of the power supply is too high, and the lamp bead itself is open or necrotic. There is also the reason that the floodlights are not properly waterproof, water has entered the lights, causing the lamp beads to burn out, the chip life is not long, and the quality is not good. Poor heat dissipation of the light source of the floodlight will also cause the light source to decay (in short, it has not been lit before) seriously or burn out. If the housing is intact, it can still be used to replace the lamp beads, but you must know that the power supply string is parallel and matches the light source string. 3. The virtual welding of the wire welding point leads to no power: the integrated lamp bead in the floodlight is connected to two wires, whether there is a virtual welding, false welding, cold welding of the lamp bead, whether there is a loose connection or disconnection of the power input wire, etc. , Check the drive connection cable for damage.

Finally, LED floodlights are all high-power LED products. Good quality manufacturers will undergo strict aging tests before leaving the factory to ensure that they are good products to consumers. No manufacturer of electronic products dares to guarantee 100% If there is a problem, please contact the manufacturer in time after the problem occurs. The warranty of the flood light is at least 2 years. If you buy a cheap flood light for half a year, if there is a problem in 1 year, the manufacturer basically does not I'll take care of you, because the materials used for cheap floodlights are poor, the cost is compressed, and the high after-sales costs, the manufacturers will lose money, so no matter what electronic products, after-sales service is very important, remember!

xiangruilight China 200W Led Flood Light Factory has strict requirements for each production process and aging test. Each link is a responsibility, choose xiangruilight, let you worry!