Electronic scales are more accurate than mechanical scales

Electronic scales are more accurate than mechanical scales, but they are also more expensive.


Electronic scales are more accurate than mechanical scales, but they are also more expensive. As far as there is no accurate height and weight standards and height and weight classification, it is not necessary to weigh accurately, because you still do not know your exact weight and weight.

The weight grade is usually accurate to 0.1. The level increases by 0.1-the score changes by 1, and the weight increases by about 0.7%. For 60 kg, 0.7% is 420 grams; for 120 kg, 0.7% is 840 grams. The error standard of the electronic health scale in the above picture is ±300 grams at 60 and 120 kg, which means that the error of the electronic health scale does not exceed ±0.1 level-±1 point.

Accurate grading of body weight requires the accuracy of electronic health scales, which in turn requires accurate grading. Accurate standards are the premise and basis for accurate grading. If the standards are not accurate, no matter how fine the grading is, the grading is not accurate and the grading is coarser to match. This will help promote the popularization of more advanced electronic health scales.

searched some electronic health scales online, some of them can store the height and other information of several people, and for the time being, only one can see the BMI value. There is only one statement that everyone does not agree with BMI. I believe that in the future, Hao Jiong’s research will be implanted with electronic health scales. Electronic health scales will not only accurately tell you how much they weigh but also how fat you are. You can also let the electronic health scale sound, which is technically very simple.

Advanced technology and products cannot be accepted and adopted by consumers as soon as possible. It is a waste of science and technology and resources. It is a sorrow of the existing economic theory. To solve this problem, Hao Jiong's economic relativity is needed.

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