Path of Exile: Ultimatum:Initial Skill Balance Changes Revealed

The Ultimatum League of Path of Exile will be launched on PC on April 16.

With the next major alliance of Path of Exile and the expansion of the Ultimatum release, the developers outlined some of the upcoming break-even changes in the recent Development Manifesto. Since weapons affected by elders no longer have a "cause 100% more damage" chance modifier, poisons and bleeding structures have been hit. This will be replaced by a multiplier of local poison or bleeding damage over time. If you can Buy POE Currency, it will bring you more powerful weapons.

Many skills are also changing. The bleeding damage of Blade Storm in the bloodline state is multiplied, and the blade vortex, poisonous rain, earthquake cry, and carrion golem are changing. Frost bombs and waves of conviction are key parts of reducing the enemy's elemental resistance, and their exposure has been reduced. The flesh and stone will retain 35% of the mana instead of 25% of the mana, although the duelist can choose a node to reduce the retention.

The poison sextile has been removed, which can increase the player’s damage and movement speed for each poison, as this allows endless farming of maps and fracturing and harvesting map enchantments. Like "Beast-Splitting", it will give items a "Split" label and prevent them from being split again. Broken fossils are also treated in the same way. There are many things to go through, but before the start of the league, we will look forward to more detailed patch notes, which contain a lot of POE Orbs and changes.

The Ultimatum League of Path of Exile will be launched on PC on April 16. If you do not know how to achieve in the new league, you are welcome to visit POECurrency and purchase POE Currency as soon as possible.

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